As you probably know, wedding photography can be a surprisingly competitive field. In 2019, the conventional marketing routes just won’t generate the business you need to make a living, and you definitely can’t rely on reputation anymore (even a pre-established one). Below are a few simple tips to both increase and optimize your digital presence to make your services more visible to more people.


Whether you’re a freelancer or full-on company, search engine visibility is critical to attracting more customers to your business. Today, fewer and fewer people are hiring wedding planners. Instead, they’re using the internet to find the best people for the job on their own. That means that if your site isn’t coming up in Google searches for “wedding photographers,” you’re going to lose a great deal of business. Fortunately, improving your site’s SEO is much easier than it sounds, and almost everything you can do to improve your SEO is completely free. There are even some free programs or plugins out there that you can install directly into your website that will manage your SEO for you.

Google AdWords

A very simple program, Google AdWords can help you to generate some serious online visibility. For a relatively low cost, Google will advertise your site on any related google search. While your SEO is still improving, this gives you additional search engine visibility and greatly increases the flow of traffic to your website. Better still, Google Ads are simple, non-invasive, and appear at the top of a search page as if they are additional search results. So a Google AdWords campaign can actually give you more visibility than the first search result.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media

Google, however, isn’t the only place where people shop. Increasingly, businesses are beginning to understand the power of a social media presence. In some ways, social media ads are even more effective than Google ads. People are more likely to see them when they are relaxed and are therefore more likely to explore than they are when they’re conducting a more targeted Google search. If your business doesn’t have its own social media account(s), it’s definitely time to start cultivating a presence. If you do already have a social media presence, consider a PPC (pay per click) ad service. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and Snapchat all offer PPC services, some for as low as $5.

High-Quality Visual Content

When people are looking for your services, they are looking for someone who will take beautiful pictures of their special event. So if your website is plain or aesthetically unappealing, you are sending the wrong message right off the bat. Make sure that all images are high quality and load quickly. Offer access to your portfolio for people who make an account with you or sign up for your mailing list. Include video content as well. This can be video testimonials from previous customers or short clips of you during the pre-wedding shoot.